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Does your child like to…

  • flip around and learn new skills
  • likes to interact with friends
  • likes compliments

If the answer is yes we would love to have your child come join one of our classes once or twice per week. Every gym class is also a fitness workout. With every forward roll ending in a sit up and every backward roll ending in a push up. It’s clear to see the many ways fitness is built into our program.

At Stepping Star Gymnastics, our primary goal is to teach children the sport of gymnastics, while teaching them to love themselves. We believe that every child has unique attributes and talents. We believe in adapting coaching styles to those unique attributes in order to maximize the child’s experience at Stepping Star. We believe that positive reinforcement goes a long way in improving self-esteem. We believe that gymnastics can and should be fun for everyone.


The Preschool program is designed to give your child the best learning experience within a class that is jam-packed with fun and excitement for boys and girls ages 2 to 4 years old.  The teacher guides the class through our educational curriculum learning skills on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline! We use specially designed preschool-sized equipment just right for the growing bodies of our smallest athletes while building muscle coordination, body awareness, and motor skills.


Tumbling Skills Covered: Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Round-offs, Bridges


Tumbling Skills Covered: One-arm cartwheels, Bridge kick-overs, Limbers

Advanced & Up

Tumbling Skills Covered: Walkovers, Handsprings, Aerials

Tumbling Class

Our tumbling classes are the perfect class or “add-on” class for any boy or girl aged 7 years and up wanting to improve their tumbling abilities! Whether you are a gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, or just someone wanting to learn a round-off back-handspring, this is the class for you!

Private Lessons

Scheduled by appointment only

Competitive Team

Invitation Only